Jane Taudien

That`s me - A very passionate country/folk musician from Germany, based in Zurich, Switzerland.


As a singer/songwriter I just released my first single called "FREE TO FLY" (now available in all online stores).


My musical interest began at a very young age and so it happened that I changed from the school choir to my first band called "Schwarzlicht" at the age of 14 and played regional gigs.


When traveling I played a lot on the streets and tested the interest of the audience.

So in Australia I was part of the Byron Bay Busking Competition for the Blues & Roots Festival.


Also, I am  committed to a better music network in the area and organizes not only open mics, but also living room concerts from time to time.


The sound of my music totally got influenced by amazing singers and bands, like Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin,  Dixie Chicks and Angus & Julia Stone, just to name a few.


Recently I have  been a participant and podium winner in the final of the international Songconest starsvoices , as well as the final at Tour Music Fest and has already received several international event invitations for 2020.

Feeling the music is very important for me, but even more important for me is, that you can feel it too. 


Original songs from
heart to heart

Event Musician

Cover songs and originals for your special occasion


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